Torrey Pines Jan 2012

The slideshow below is from a rather late afternoon hike at the trails of Torrey Pines with friends of min who were visiting from Wisconsin. I’ve talked and blogged about this place so much that now out of town visitors request outings here 🙂 Of course I am happy to share especially since it got me out there for the first time in months AND with my new camera. The lighting variations depending on time of year and time of day up there are so wonderful. Some of these shots look more like paintings than photos. Enjoy!

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May 22, 2010

I didn’t get started quite as early today as last week thanks to my sleepy headed hiking companion, BUT, I am glad because he suggested a completely different route and even though I was not happy about the sun being out to make the fitness part harder, I was happy it was out when it came time for pictures 🙂 There’s a lot and I brought the good camera with me today. I’ll ID the few flowers I took, but this week is heavy on the beach and cliffs. SportsBoy decided we should run from the car (parked at my office) down to the top of the flat rock trail, then walk down to the beach and along the water back to the main entrance of the reserve parking area so that we then had to walk back UP the rather steep road leading up to the lodge. It was probably a 4 mile loop given where my car was parked. So, good heart rate raising run at the start, a cool down at the beach, then more heart rate uphill on the way back with race walking pace at the end. No real birding was done though I did hear tons of Towhees again and we saw some crows chasing a raven near the car. OK, on to the pictures:

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