My main blog is Trees Flowers Birds where you can find everything you need to know about me 🙂 This site is for documenting my forays onto the trails at the Torrey Pines Reserve.


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  1. sarah · May 29, 2011

    Hi Christina,
    I was out at Torrey Pines on Thursday and followed a roadrunner for quite a ways down the road. I first spotted it near that life guard house south of the bathrooms. It was running along the side of the road with a lizard in it’s mouth, and then for quite a ways it ran straight down the road, like it was out for a jog. It would dodge off into the shrubs once in awhile, and then continue on down the road. I went for a quick hike and about 30 minutes later when I stopped in the lodge it was sitting up in one of the little square windows to the right of the entry, staring at itself, lizard still dangling in it’s beak. I asked the two park employees in the lodge if I was seeing things and they said they had seen it several times that afternoon with the lizard, just showing off. And no, I wasn’t crazy, it was indeed a roadrunner. Too funny! And of course by the time I got out my phone/camera to take a picture it took off again.
    Gotta love Torrey Pines–always something new and different out there, no matter how many times I go!

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