July 1st – Focus, focus, focus.

Dear me,

Pillars for the GGID group for July.

Overall theme as a result of analyzing June = FOCUS

Finances – place my focus on taking time to analyze the best option for refinancing the high interest 2nd. Stay connected to the daily needs of family and plan out the best use of this month without any 1st mortgage payment. Create the detailed plan as follows 1) Project Aug-Dec budget with new mortgage payment amounts, 2) Calculate tax impacts for 2015 and address them either with retirement withholding or increasing savings depending on size of impact 3) Ensure all small debt (sears, macys, care credit, AT&T phones) are paid off in 2015. 4) map out payoff of TIAA loans 5) Setup monthly transfers to parents according to all other budget needs.

Intimacy – Cement the newly developed habit of listening, reducing the urge to interrupt and just generally relaxing and connecting with anyone and everyone around me. Continue reaching out when I feel any anxiety or frustration for help and support. Support remote friends, attend neighborhood yoga class and events, one lunch date planned, make at least one more in July. Support Chelsea and her mom with regular communication, invitations for dinner/hanging out. Listen to and support Nick when he calls and with visits. Be present and focused on friends old and new in Phoenix during Netroots nation. Soak up remaining time with Alex.

Mindset – I am bringing this back because it IS the main pillar to use to center on focus and maintaining the progress made towards my Big Scary of loving ME and being the best friend I can be. I had that nice moment when I saw/felt the change in my internal dialogue in June and I want to build on that. I will EITHER meditate OR write in my journal every day. I know it is not realistic to commit to both since I do anticipate lots of interactive time with people between the family/friend needs and the travel.


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