June 26th – #LoveWins

Dear me,

It seems odd to say this in a journal, but since I am marking the essence of ME in here, it is critical to talk of my deep interest in politics and the specific social movements that are important to me.

I am a left leaning progressive. As such, the democratic party most closely matches the things I believe in. So today was HUGE. HUGE. I’ve been a vocal supporter of Marriage Equality since I was aware of what that meant. I’ve had debates and outright fights over this. But I watched with growing hope as people came around. So today’s sweeping Supreme Court ruling granting equal marriage rights in every state in the nation was just stunning to me.

That I am writing this with a rainbow striped banner showing at the top of the WordPress home page makes me smile.

That the White House tonight is bathed in rainbow colored lights makes me proud.

Now, I am an unabashed fan of this President. After all, I labeled him one of the people who I most admire. Today, he somehow grew that admiration even more. Of course he had SO MUCH to do with everything that’s unfolded. But beyond the Health Care Law that was pretty much validated – again – by SCOTUS yesterday. Beyond the Marriage Equality ruling and the beautiful speech he gave in the Rose Garden in marking it. Beyond all of that, today he again became the most amazing Consoler in Chief. We look to our President to lead us when times are rocky. Sadly, during his two terms there have been ENTIRELY TOO MANY damn mass shootings. He did his best to heal us after each one. He spoke at the funerals of those lost in Arizona. The beautiful children in Connecticut. And then, today, he eulogized Rev. Pickeny who was killed by a white supremacist racist domestic terrorist. And in that eulogy, he was everything that the community needed. He was the Reverend Barack Obama today. I was never so proud of, or moved by a President.

And the reason that it was so wonderful is because you could feel it. You could feel the love. His day had started by marking the sanctioning of love in all forms. And it ended with him speaking of the love…and grace…displayed by the people who lost their lives and by their families and by the city of Charleston afterwards.

I have been spending these recent months learning how to love me. It’s been a fascinating journey. There are still times when my Inner Mean Girl tries to regain control. But in the end…love wins. Love ALWAYS wins. It is the only way to be.

Love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your neighbors. Love your co-workers. Love the strangers that you see. Love, and let love.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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