June 12th – The Eulogy Assignment

Dear me,

A June GGID group homework assignment – write your own eulogy. Here’s what I shared. Hard to out yourself into the 3rd person! This is clearly a perspective of who I think I am right now, at this stage. Apparently they did this last year too and I wasn’t in the group yet – I think it would be interesting to see how our views of ourselves might change over time.

A eulogy eh? I guess I’m supposed to tell you how Christina spent her life, what legacy she left on the world around her and specifically on the people whose lives she touched.

It was a long life so get comfortable, this could take a long time! They are serving lunch through this aren’t they?

OK, I’m kidding – as long as it was and as many people as she knew, her life can be summarized really quite simply:

Christina lived her life to the fullest. She loved deeply, laughed easily, stopped to smell the roses, watched all of the birds, ran the trails, danced like no one was looking (and never cared if you were!), and spent her life being of service to all.

If Christina was in your corner, you knew you were supported. She had your back and was your loudest cheerleader.

She perfected that cheerleading ability first with her sons. Of course, she was not content to just be on the sidelines waving pom poms. She went the extra mile (sometimes the extra 500 miles) to volunteer on every team and to support every league all the way through high school. If the program was helping her boys, then she was going to help the program in return. As one parent put it “Short of a request to clean the boy’s locker room bathroom, I knew that any request for help that I sent out would be met with a reply of ‘I’ve got this!’ from Christina before anyone else read the email.”

I think every parent knows that joy and pride at cheering your child on in their accomplishments.  Christina got the same joy out of raising up her friends too. She would get up at the butt crack of dawn not just for her own racing events, but also to support her friend’s events. If you wrote a book, started a business, needed to raise money for a cause, she was always first in line to write a check and let people know that what you were doing had value.

Some people are described as “private” – this was NOT her! One of her favorite sayings was “Be careful what you ask me, because you will get an answer!” She was always willing to share her own less than perfect experiences so that you could learn from her mistakes. If it saved you heartache, then she was happy.

Christina was born under the sign of Capricorn – the mountain goat. Often described as a sign that would gladly climb to the top of the mountain hoping over the heads of the others on the way. I am not sure if Christina heard this as a child and decided “NOPE!” (which would just fit perfectly into her quietly rebellious nature) but she certainly did shatter THAT astrological theory! Trust me, as Christina did meet with her own accomplishments and successes, she was ALWAYS reaching back with a strong hand to pull up someone who was struggling. Sure she eventually found a way to the top because she had that tenacity, but once she got there? There was a joyous dance party with everyone else she had brought along with her!

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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