June 8th – Patience Rewarded

Dear me,

The subordination agreement from the 2nd mortgage is IN! The loan WILL be closed within the next 48 hours! YES!

Of course, this does not mean I revert back to a lack of patience and rush to pay off things leaving myself without the cushion I want to keep on hand at all times. Stick with the plan. It is working.

I had another flash point of immense gratitude again today. Listening to the group call with a really wonderful relationship coach giving some very useful tips on effective communication and identifying the things that trigger into spirals of negative thoughts/emotions and all I could think was “Damn, I’ve got it good!” I honestly didn’t want the coach to call on me, so of course she did, but I had nothing to ask! I wanted others on the call to get more time with the guest coach. The only folks I have trouble communicating with are Carmen and Nick and since the last flare ups with each of them back around Feb/March, things have definitely turned a corner. I haven’t even felt that tug in my gut when talking to either of them indicating they are triggering a reaction in me. I’m also honestly not avoiding them. I had an instance with Carmen when I had to guide her to dig up an answer to something and it went totally fine. She even thanked me!

But seriously, a lot of what was covered tonight, I have already worked through either with Marcus, or Nick or Carmen for instance. Alex is easy 🙂 We seems to communicate on the same wavelength most of the time. Marcus and I didn’t make an appointment with each other the last time we had a disagreement, but we did on our own fall into the type of dialogue she described. Lots of ‘I’ statements and listening without interrupting. So again – MUCH gratitude.

When I am more loving, kind, patient and non-judgmental with myself, I am the same with others.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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