June 6th – How is this serving me? I figured it out!

Dear me,

Serendipity! Under the topic of “how is this serving me?” I think I now understand the timing of the Longest Refinance Ever.

Every year I’ve worked at my company (will be 30 in Jan) – we’ve had performance evaluations in late spring and then merit increases taking effect as of July 1 (our fiscal year start). This year we were partly through May (and I was distracted with my mom’s fall) before I realized we hadn’t started the process! When I asked my immediate supervisor, he said that the HR group had implemented so many new software processes and that this one was going to be another new one and they had fallen behind. We would be late in doing it, and in implementing merits though they would be back loaded. Since I recently have been getting a bonus vs a straight increase, I had been expecting a little windfall of cash in July – but now that may not happen until late Aug or early Sept. That would have made my July travel plans REALLY challenging! Normally, that little bonus pays for my summer and fall trips.

BUT….thanks to the longest refi ever – instead of not having a mortgage in June and the new one starting in July…..NOW it is July with no mortgage and August with the first (lower) payment! So now, that skipped mortgage becomes my cash windfall I need to travel.


And, I now have the opportunity to use that extra abundance for good and share a room with someone who needs a place to stay for the July conference. I would never have reached out to her if I hadn’t started on the path towards opening up to myself, and to others.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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