June 5th – It really is that simple

Dear me,

A while ago I wrote about some things I have written on a post it note at my desk at work:

Slow and steady




Be kind, be loving, just be.

I’ve been working quite diligently at keeping those at the top of my mind and it really has allowed me to sort of “slow down” life. Kind of how a professional baseball player who is in a groove will talk about how the game just seems to slow down so he sees every pitch so much more clearly and can hit the ball more solidly and consistently.

That’s how I feel a lot. If I just stay breathing slowly, relaxed and focused on communicating/listening with kindness then conversations via any form become so much easier. Even when I have a potentially intimidating stack of tasks to do, I am able to slowly and steadily focus on those tasks one by one and get things done. The focusing on one thing at a time has been HARD and I am not always as successful as I would like yet! But the communications have been so so greatly improved with *everyone* around me. I’m not jumping to conclusions based on my own insecure voices. I hardly even hear them anymore really and if I do, it is so much more instinctual now to stop and breathe and shift my thought patterns away from that.

I still have some resistance and hesitation before some phone calls or in person meetings, BUT, I can turn that down to a low simmer and forget about that completely within seconds. I can picture myself almost being *confident* about those encounters soon 🙂

It really is as simple as 1) love yourself 2) breathe in and breathe out 3) relax 4)celebrate life – all of it, the lows and the highs, just carry around a feeling of celebrating that you are still breathing in and breathing out.

Be kind, be loving, just be


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