June 2nd – Pillars for GGID

Dear me,

In an attempt to not forget or lose track of the pillars I am setting for the GGID group this month – I’ll leave them here too:

June Pillars –

Money – while talking about this topic with my moms group, I hit upon my exact long term goal (which in a lot of ways would be our Big Goal): By the end of 2017 to ONLY have my first mortgage as a debt obligation. This month, I will detail a plan to achieve that. THEN, I can start piling money back into my retirement fund. Many lessons were learned with the experience with my parents in May, and setting up for living a LONG healthy, independent retirement life is one of them.

Fitness – the other May lesson: Whole body focus. I want to BE that 90+ year old woman who was going yoga and dancing. I might also want to be that 92 year old still distance running! But I cannot be all of those things when I ONLY run. Plus, through the physical therapists I learned what we can do to help prevent falls like my mom had. It’s all about balance, flexibility,strength and agility. So my plan it to exercise a *minimum* of 5 hours a week. 2 hours can be running. 1 hour will be on the recumbent bike.1 hour will be yoga and 1 hour will be boot camp/strength training.

Intimacy/Connections – I’ve pulled in an old high school friend and we are doing a 30 day exercise challenge together (thanks to Renee & her interview with Jim Kirwan)- checking in with each other every day. Yoga is with neighbors in a house across the street from me so I will be deepening my connections to the people right around me. One of my runs will be with Marcus again one night a week. And of course boot camp is obviously with other people! So I am setting up my fitness goals to have that social connection aspect (as detailed in Renee’s awesome interview posted today!) There are three local friends who I will make plans to lunch with this month and some longer distance ones who will get phone calls. I was going to do that in May, but family took precedence obviously. Will continue being open to, and soaking up the opportunities for spontaneous conversations as well.

Writing in this journal is not a nightly commitment in my pillars partly because I feel like I have set it is a nearly everyday habit, but also because I may end up not writing due to Alex being at home. I’m enjoying every moment with him so much that I don’t want to cut that short at night to write in here unless I really feel I need to explore something or make note of something from the day.

(for the record, on the money pillar….we RE-locked in my rates and docs to last to 6/10 because the second lender really IS taking exactly 30 days to sign off. It just means I will sit on everything for one more week. What is that about not making any big decisions while mercury is in retrograde? Yeah, that won’t be a problem!)

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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