May 31st – Running the month away

Dear me, 

I ran my final race for awhile today. A bucket list event that nearly every serious San Diego runners eyes. The Rock n Roll half could have been an opportunity for a PR as it is a relatvely easy, level or downhill course.     Of course, training time went in the toilet with my mom’s fall so instead this became a “just finish it without hurting yourself” event.

I had to do some mental gymnastics to see it through to the end, especially those last 2 miles, but I did post my 2nd fastest time ever which felt great! I spent a good deal of that run reflecting on the past month. Some really great things happened around a traumatic event that, I feel, gave us all strength and greater clarity on the path to take to keep all our heads above water. I had some wonderful days just sitting with my parents. I reconnected with old family friends and shared many deep, belly laughs along the way. I leaned on a few folks when needed and they came up aces. Alex and I have spent some wonderful lazy nights together talking about all sorts of things and laughing uproariously at each other, the cats, and whatever tickles us. It’s so fun to be able to be so open with him. Plus, I had a few triumphs over my lifelong insecurities allowing me to keep my heart centered on myself. I’ve got a long way to go still to make that the default setting, but I was happy with my overall progress in silencing my Inner Mean Girls.

Bring on June!

Be kind, be loving, just be  


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