May 29th – Messages

Dear me,

(I decided to re-listen to the audio files from Matt Kahn from a retreat he held earlier this year and make note of the messages that are resonating most deeply with me – this is a data dump from the first full session.)

No one has time to think about me.

Most people are living in their own world of self denial and self criticism – they have no TIME or ENERGY to think about you!

No one thinks about you.

So, what if I started thinking about me?

What if I was the one who thought about myself most often? Contact yourself like you reach out to a friend. “Hey, how you doing? Just thinking about you. Just want you know what a great job your are doing. Love you!”

Treat yourself as you want others to treat you.

Live in a constant state of celebration of life. Whether you are with other people or not does not matter. Just being with yourself is a party! The celebration goes on constantly.

What if I’m the only one who needs to think about me? What if when I wonder what other people think about me, I am taking away time that could be spent thinking of me? It’s not selfish. I can give myself as much attention as I want, and no one goes without. Attention is like oxygen. If I breathe deeply, the person next to me doesn’t get lightheaded! If I pay attention to and love myself, then I actually become more loving and it I create a more loving environment for the people around me.

“If only people would make time for me!” “Well, then why don’t YOU do that?”

Love the one you’re with, right? ((There’s a song about that :)))

What’s the one thing that the characters in your life are not doing that you want the most? Do it for yourself.Do it for others.

What’s the one sentence you need to hear most often from the world (family, friends etc)? Say it to yourself. Say it to others.

What I want from others, I offer to them, what I am waiting to hear, I speak to all.

You’ve got to be all about you, so that you can receive the gifts of the universe and then be available to support others.

All of this is for me, and by allowing it to all be for me, I take nothing from anyone cause I already have more than enough for myself so I don’t even need to look on someone else’s plate. All of this is here to serve me, and when I let it all serve me, only then can I serve the grace of all.


So one of my classic insecurity nerves was put to the test today – feeling left out. What is it about receiving messages/lessons and then immediately getting tested on the topic?! The universe has such a dark and twisty sense of humor. So, I danced on the wall with my insecurities for a bit. I asked her about this…why didn’t she tell me she was there ( or going?)….oh, don’t be silly…you couldn’t have gone can go tomorrow….if you’d had the freedom, you would have preferred to go today too…yeah, but it’s still weird she didn’t volunteer the info to you when you asked…whatever…is it any skin off your nose really? No. So stop dancing with those thoughts. I’ve got plenty of time tomorrow, I can just relax and go with….ME! Throw that insecure bitch off the wall now, would you please? Thank you!

Wait…no…give her a hug first. Tell her thank you for teaching you over the years. There’s been some good laughs for sure. I mean, she made you think some crazy thoughts and do a few nutty things that are pretty darn amusing. I get it – she thought she was protecting you FROM being hurt instead of actually being the one doing the hurting. She meant well. She/I just needed to feel loved. It’s all good now. She can go off and play on the swings for eternity now.

I got it from here.

I am healthy, I am happy, I am abundant, I am free!

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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