May 28th – Wiped Out

Dear me,

I am sitting down to write and am beyond exhausted so let’s just go with gratitude again.

I am very grateful for the staff at Vista Knolls. Yes, even the ones who took longer than should have to respond to a patient’s call button. Overall, they were all truly caring and effective and the therapy staff especially were just fantastic. I think they were happier than us when the ortho cleared my mom for bearing weight and they got her up and around and ready to go home in 8 days. Even working with her over a 3-day weekend.

I am grateful for all of us having a really healthy sense of humor and generally upbeat outlook. It made the days so much better and allowed us – especially today – to laugh at many, many absurd events.

As a note – men of any age when left to care for a house on their own immediately revert to bachelorhood habits. My mom walked in, took one look around at every surface that was covered with papers, notes or laundry and said “Take me back!” Four hours later we had it all sorted and put away so that she wont feel so overwhelmed tomorrow.

I am super grateful for the next door neighbors who were the ones who initially helped her the night of the fall and who were there waiting for us when we drove up to greet her and see that she was truly OK.

I am grateful to my youngest son who willingly came along, patiently assisted in all sorts of tasks, and even offered to go back next week to take her on another grocery run. He has stepped up big time and made this whole thing tons easier on all of us.

Mostly I am grateful for everyone who wished us well, and helped out remotely and/or physically.

I know in the past I addressed the notion of asking “how is this serving me?” . I told my mom that for her it was a way to clearly STOP and focus just on her and to start asking for more help overall. I got her to start thinking more about WHAT she should be asking rather than bother with SHOULD she. Yes, ASK. Apply for every discount or aid you can get. Question every bill, ask for discounts, and don’t just keep accepting the status quo even from long time companies.

Actually, I think I am MOSTLY MOSTLY happy to see May fade off into the distance. I think I had pillars for the month. I cannot begin to revisit what they were or how I did.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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