May 26th – Almost home!

Dear me, 

My mom got her discharge date today – Thursday – yay! That means she will be home less than 30 days after the fall. Pretty darn impressive! 

Meanwhile, I took a little bit of my soul soothing time back and went to the neighborhood yoga class tonight. Such a different experience to be going there without carrying any of the Inner Mean Girl voices in my head! It’s probably been almost 2 years since I last went to a class so it was like being brand new and yet I didn’t once give two shits about how I looked or whether I could hold a pose or how far I could stretch. I didn’t glance sideways at the others and do any mental comparisons. I just focused on the instructor’s voice, let my body do what it could and stayed as heart centered as possible without toppling over 🙂

I felt the energy traveling from my toes to my fingertips and was able to relax and stretch a tiny bit more with each exhalation. The time just flew and I certainly feel as if many tight muscles were loosened and opened up. 

It’s wonderful to open up the connections to my neighbors and feel engaged in my surroundings more deeply. 

It’s also going to be much better for me long term to incorporate yoga (and dance) into my fitness regime to hopefully prevent any falls like my mom took. 

Also, memo to the universe – I see what you are doing – as some abundance shows up, something immediately pops up to swoop it right off. Various out of pocket health care bills, Alex’s college costs, a bee hive in my front wall. Yeah, I see it. Testing my ability to stay focused and committed to using my abundance wisely. No extra trips, no frivolous purchases. I get it. Act like a non-profit and reinvest it all right back here at home. 

I am happy, I am healthy, I am abundant, I am free.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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