May 25th – Perking Up

Dear me,

So this morning I again woke up feeling sluggish. Not *as* badly as Sunday, but still not 100%. Renee responded to a text describing herself as being in “adrenal fatigue”…I don’t know exactly what that is, but the word fatigue does line up. Though it was as much mental as it was physical. Some heavy drizzling didn’t help either. After yet another post feeding the cats nap, I meditated and then turned on another Matt Kahn video to listen to while I made breakfast. Focusing on his voice really helped pull me out and then he started talking about something that rang so true to me – he said:

“Treat yourself the way you want to be treated.”

Not, treat OTHERS, but treat YOURSELF. Pay attention to the self talk going on in your head. Would you talk to someone else that way? Would you want someone ELSE talking to you that way? Would you let them? Or would you get angry and hurt? If YOU spoke to someone else like that, wouldn’t you expect THEM to get angry/hurt and lash out?

Then why do you think it is OK to talk to yourself in anything other than a loving way?

Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.

I love that concept.

I asked my 18 year old tonight if his inner voice was critical and negative. He said “yeah” immediately. Fascinating. So I brought up the concept to him. Thought I might try to sprinkle the seeds of a different way of thinking into his head now.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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