May 24th – Laying Low

Dear me,

I went to bed Friday feeling like I had squeezed the most out of the day.

The last two days I’ve had a very hard time getting myself motivated to move after feeding the cats!

I used to call those “foggy days” and I would just sort of go about the day aimlessly and pretty much avoid social contact. I wasn’t necessarily in a bad mood, just in a “meh” mental space.

This time, I allowed myself to take it slow in the mornings. Saturday I did go to boot camp, but I was pretty quiet on the group coaching call and I didn’t push myself into doing the full grocery shopping. I did go to a neighborhood pizza party and was able to be focused and engaged and have some really wonderful conversations with everyone.

Also, for once, I didn’t criticize or second guess myself about what I brought to the party and I barely felt awkward at all.

Today though, I *really* shut down. No run, a nap after feeding the cats, and just generally puttering around on the internet was about all I could muster. But again, I knew I needed to pull it together to go see my mom and that ended up being completely easy.

I suspect that this weekend is just a bit of recovery time. It was a big week with my mom making such huge progress and knowing that she will most likely be sent home next week, the planning for that transition is on top of our minds. Then the loan maybe, finally, (maybe), closing this week after all these months! I was able to spend some time looking at what this will mean for my budget for now, but this is also only Step one. Step two is refinancing the second which will make a bigger impact on the monthly cash flow. I know I need to keep focusing on wishing abundance to everyone and then back to myself.

While this may not sound like much for most people, this was pretty huge for me to pull myself out from within and engage with everyone – and to end up enjoying every moment of it.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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