May 20th – Working with Mercury

Dear me,

I listened to a summit interview with an astrologer who focused the entire time on working WITH the current Mercury in Retrograde time period (May 19-June 11).

This Mercury thing is interesting isn’t it? A few years ago I had never heard of it. Sure, I took note of, and was highly irritated/stressed by the periodic flare ups of nasty communication issues and/or technology going in the tank. But I had no idea there could be an astrological relationship to those things. Since I have learned about it, like many others I had the tendency to sort of steel myself each time it approached. Then I would joke along with everyone else about it and blame it on all sorts of things.

Basically, I was feeling like I let it get to me and frankly, I didn’t like it.

So I really liked the angle this astrologer took. Roll WITH the retrograde was her main message. Just like you turn INTO a spin if your car loses it’s grip on the road, or how you should surf along WITH a wave while in the ocean. In other words, don’t fight the force 😉  Use it.

That’s a much more positive approach and one which still feels like I have control.

The recommendation was to focus on finishing any unfinished projects, be they old or ones started recently. View the retrograde as a time for clearing house. Finish what you started, but then also dig back into organizing/sorting/decluttering your surroundings. If you are someone who lets paperwork pile up – take the time to sort through it. Pay attention to the items that catch your eye (mail, letters, books etc) – there is a reason they distract you, so be open to the message.

Dear Universe – do you think you can use this retrograde to finish what was started in regards to the house refinance? One last step needs to be completed and gosh that would be a HUGE relief to have it done!

Just tonight I finished up two things I’ve been wanting to do. I now have a puzzle making table/chair set in the corner with the best overall daylight for seeing puzzle piece details. I also put out a small water tray in the back yard that will hopefully attract birds. It’s my temporary setup until I can set aside funds for a proper solar/recycling water fountain.

It’s interesting how little things like that take up tiny parts of my brain. With those done I swear I felt a little lighter! Speaking of paying attention to things that caught my eye as I was clearing out the storage bins under my bed earlier in the year – I found nearly all of the paint swatches for the paint colors I used 11 years ago when I moved in. It will only take a quart of each color to touch up the walls and I think it is time to get that done.

I’ve definitely felt a strong pull this year towards pouring some energy and love into the house and yard and I am going to surf right into that wave without resistance 🙂

Be kind, be loving, just be.


One comment

  1. Corina · May 22, 2015

    A friend of mine would always point out when Mercury would be in retrograde and I never paid attention to it until about fifteen years ago when I realized there really was something to it. I like the idea of focusing on things that are already started and need to be finished. I have a lot of those.

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