May 13th – Accepting Compliments

Dear me,

Why is it so forgeign to accept a genuine compliment? I had to fight off the urge today to downplay my reaction to receiving a really wonderful compliment. I mean, for me, and all the insecurities I’ve carried around as far as assuming the things folks DON’T like about me, this one was pretty top notch.

I was having a pretty run of the mill conversation with someone on the phone who I normally only talk to via email. I think I’ve only met him once and I would not even recognize him if I passed him in the hallway, BUT, my main function in relation to his department is to provide data as needed several times a year for PITA surveys. The nature of our industry and anytime something is needed around financial data, it falls in my lap. I’m a deadline and task driven kind of gal and I pride myself in responding to requests quickly to either confirm that I can help someone out, or to at least point folks in the right direction if I cannot.

In this case, I was calling to tell him that I couldn’t do something and why and I was brainstorming with him on how to tell another department why we couldn’t help and maybe where to go instead. It was a lighthearted conversation overall and we commiserated a bit about this other group giving us almost no notice on this particular task. At the end though, and kind of out of the blue, he says to me “Thank you SO MUCH for figuring this out so fast and letting me know what is up. You are THE BEST at the University at helping out and responding to me. I know I can always count on you for help.”

Well…….that sure felt nice to hear…and, I managed to eke out a very sincere “Well, you are most welcome and thank you for saying that.” in response.

And quite honestly, I do accept and own that. As I said, it is something I strive for, so to hear that I meet that mark at least with this one department sure was nice. 

As I work on being kind and loving towards me, I also need to remember to keep the lines open to receive kindenss and appreciation and love from others without hesitation. 

Because I am worth it 🙂  (Yes, like the old Breck Girls!!)

May we be blessed with abundance and love.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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