May 12th – Unexpected sources of abundance

Dear me,

Collected $310 today from the film production group for the use of my house (and a couple of beers) today. All I had to do was clean up a little before and after. Sweet!

My mom is feeding off of my creative ideas for how to get help and started asking anyone she could think of about prepping their house for her return and sure enough – she remembered she already had started applying for Medical some months ago, just never finished the forms so she has those and is working on them now. I will take her info and input it online to expedite the process. Then she remembered one of her oldest friends owns a construction company so she put in the call and oh hey – one of the brothers is going to be in town tomorrow so he will meet my dad and the house and start the ramp building process and then he will swing by for a visit. You can bet we will pay them a lot less (if at all) than we would anyone else!

Moving down another generation and Alex only spent one day seriously seeking employment and pretty much stumbled right into a busboy job last night! This means he wont have to ask me for spending money while he is here.

Today I felt a pang or two of impatience with folks and was not perhaps as responsive as I want to be. Not too bad, but I need to pay attention to loving those moments away.

I am grateful to all the friends who are visiting and bringing my mom a change of pace and even food!

I am grateful for the case worker at the hospital who either always does her job this well, or is giving my mom some special attention and visiting the non-responsive doctor’s office herself to get answers on what the heck they are supposed to be doing with her in rehab with her wrist and leg!

(While I am grateful for him being a very skilled surgeon, I am remaining silent on the rest of his skill set!)

I am grateful for a physical therapist who is paying attention to that wrist and doing what he can within the non-existent guidelines provided to help accelerate the healing and strengthening process.

May I be as loving as I need to be with myself and others.

May we all be blessed with abundance.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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