May 11th – Gathering strength

Dear me,

And so, the mental focus part of this journey with my parent’s begins.

I remember a story that President Obama told during his 1st campaign as he talked about his ideas to improve the health care system. He painted an image of his mom, battling cancer, on the phone daily with insurance agents and medical billing services trying to cover the cost of her care.

That will be me.

The type of medicare they have still has out of pocket expenses. It’s capped at $3,400/year (yay?) but still quite close to impossible for us to pay out. So I learned from the hospital billing agent (who wants $1380 for the 4 days there) that if they qualify for the state insurance – mediCAL, then that one could cover the co-pay because they will backdate up to 3 months of coverage. I know from my son’s experience with medical after the HCA was passed that it will be quite easy for them to qualify, but still, it’s a process. Forms. Phone calls to follow up. Wee.

Then there’s the VA program we are applying to get into to cover paying a private company to send Certified Nursing Assistants to the house for up to 20 hours a week after she goes home. More forms. More documents. At least one doctor appointment to declare my dad in need due to dementia (oy). Probably even stating he shouldn’t be driving…(double oy).

In other words, we are getting mighty creative in our efforts to pull in some abundance for them because it is needed NOW.

I am grateful for the efforts I’ve put in the past few months towards honing my focus and attracting abundance.

Time to reap the rewards πŸ™‚

May we be blessed with abundance.

Be kind, be loving, just be.



  1. Corina · May 12, 2015

    Wise to start now. I just went through a medical crisis and I am uninsured. No state medical programs would cover me. Nothing available through the Federal Market Place because, although I qualify, I missed open enrollment so I have to wait until next year. So I ended up having to apply for financial assistance from OHSU (the hospital) and although they discounted services by 60%, my portion is still over $25000. I will be in debt to that hospital until the day I die. And of course, they just prolonged my life. So you are wise to get them started on all of that red tape and the hoops they will have to jump through.

    • Christina Nowacki · May 13, 2015

      Oh dang Corina – I am sorry! Yes, at least my parents have medicare already, but clearly they need more. So sorry there is no state plan for you to bridge the gap until federal open enrollment starts again 😦

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