May 9th – Raynay’s Angels

Dear me,

Today I am grateful for a day off from parental care to go run around on a mountain trail with my friends.

I am grateful for snowfall the night before which left a beautiful scene around the Pacific Coast Trail.

I am grateful for the cooler weather up there which meant the running portions were perfectly pleasant – chilly, but so much better than hot and dry!

I am grateful that my friend asked me to pace her.

I am grateful for her patience as *I* was the one struggling for the first portion of our run since I hadn’t been able to train for the last 10 days.

I am grateful for the resilience and strength I knew I had despite my lungs not initially buying into the whole mountain climbing process.

I am grateful for toilet paper in campground bathrooms.

I am grateful for another running friend who is never without a smile who dubbed the pacing group “Raynay’s Angels” ala Charlies Angels because…welll..the three of us DO fit that mold! (I’m Jaclyn Smith btw and I”m quite happy with that!) 

I’m grateful for the hugs and love and laughter on the mountain.

I’m grateful for son’s who figure out how to feed cats and who save slices of pizza for mom at the end of a long day.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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