May 7th – Creating chaos

Dear me,

Back to gratitude after a REALLY long day (7 hours) at the rehab center.

I am grateful for friends giving me opportunities that will close the financial gap necessary to support my parents.

I am grateful for my inner voice telling me to offer up my house for a film project. It will take some coordination through all these long days, but it will mean an extra $300 this month 🙂

I am grateful to co-workers (again…really, every day!) who finish their journals 30 mins earlier than the normal deadline so that I could run reports before leaving.

I am grateful for people who are just – FUN. The home care owner came to interview us this afternoon to start the VA funding application process and our family friend was there too. The interviewer was just a pleasure to talk to and slipped into our banter in no time. We laughed and laughed. Then after he left we took the clown show to occupational therapy where we enlisted the lovely therapist into our nonsense. General mayhem was had in the room. We think my mom worked out her good arm, but I am not sure how effective it was!

I am grateful for spiritual guides who ALSO have senses of humor. Listening to Matt Kahn on the way home and I alughed and laughed some more. Perfect way to transition to home.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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