May 5th – The gratitude overflows

Dear me,

Grateful for happy kitties who had a more normal feeding schedule today thanks to awesome friends.

Grateful for an incredibly supportive workplace checking up on me and allowing me some slack.

Grateful for a cafeteria at said workplace where I could grab an inexpensive, but good sandwich to bring with me for dinner (no more eating out or hospital food if I can help it!)

Grateful for friends at my parent’s community who visit and bring flowers and adorable cards and keep an eye on things for my dad.

Grateful to a physical therapy team who made my mom feel like a rock start today. First by just getting her up and out of bed and dressed and then showing her how to maneuver into a wheelchair and took her to their gym for some exercises. She already feels so much more like herself and has just that tiny bit of extra freedom by no longer being stuck in the bed all day long.

Grateful to the health fair at work where I came upon a booth advertising a senior home care service that gets funding from the VA for WW2 era vets which qualifies my dad and his spouse for services. I got that ball rolling today hoping it will turn into something helpful while my mom continues recovery at home soon.

Grateful for kind and attentive nurses, nursing assistants and physical therapists.

Grateful for the prospects of a day off to run, clean my house and just sit with myself tomorrow (mom is feeling so good she insisted I take a break so I’ll work in the morning, but then take care of me). Grateful in advance for what will be a final trip to Sears for the brake sensor – RIGHT?!

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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