May 4th – Gratitude, continued.

Dear me,

Given the long, draining days, I think that doing any deep soul exploring/talking is asking too much so I shall instead keep my focus on the immense gratitude I am feeling at the end of each day.

I am grateful for friends who will help with the feeding of cats so that I can ensure nobody starts having kidney issues with their diet being disrupted for too long.

I am grateful for co-workers who turn in reports early so that I can get my tasks done in the fours morning hours I allotted during the day.

I am grateful to case workers who return calls quickly and handle the change in rehab facility assignment smoothly.

I am grateful for a case worker at the new place who came back after hours to finish up paperwork and still took the time to answer my questions, look things up to see she is assigned to my mom, and then went even more into more depth of information for me.

I am grateful for long time family friends who take on the task of seeing to it that my dad was fed and then went to their house and gathered up personal items for my mom to have at the rehab center. HUGE burden off my chest today! That allowed me to focus on keeping the patient as comfortable as possible and ease her apprehensions about the move and to be there for the whole process.

I am grateful for a room with a view of bird feeders and a water fountain and for gorgeous hummingbirds, starlings and western bluebirds bathing in the water.

I am grateful to a boyfriend who checked to see if I needed dinner (I did) and brought me a yummy sandwich and sat with me for the last hour of my “shift”.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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