May 3rd – Gratitude

Dear me,

Today I need to focus on gratitude.

I am grateful that the heart racing episode my mom experienced was just some random episode of that vs the blood clot issue the heart care nurse feared.

I am grateful that they moved the higher needs patient to her own room last night and that they moved my mom to the ortho floor today. She’s got a “private” room for now since the other bed is empty and I suspect she will get to sleep more tonight which she does need.

I am grateful for nurses who ignore doctor’s advice and re-wrap wrist splints that are causing tremendous pain. Damn it’s hard to see someone you love in agony like that and be completely useless other than to let her crush your hand as she breathes through the wave of pain. Thankfully, the second redo of the splint wrapping seemed to keep the wrist calm the rest of the day.

I am just generally grateful for nurses and aids and physical therapists. They have all been so wonderful and caring. Perhaps not always there as fast as she would like, but otherwise really fantastic. Especially the ones on duty in ortho today who made a special call to order the food she wanted for dinner.

I am grateful to a lovely lady at a rehab center who went out of HER way to let me have a tour on a Sunday afternoon with no one else there to help her.

I am grateful for my friend from high school who works in the elder care industry and gave me the thumbs up after checking around on said facility. Peace of mind since I am doing this all on my own.

I am grateful for old family friends who have anxiety issues causing them to ask 500 questions – because she thinks of things I never would and in the end it helps ALL of us feel more prepared for what is coming up!

I am grateful for friends who touch base and chat throughout the day with me – the distraction is so needed.

I am grateful for boyfriends who respond to requests for time/attention. After 3 days heading home from all day at the hospital, I really needed to de-compress and just download all the stuff via something other than text 🙂

I am grateful for Shrimp egg rolls from Trader Joe’s and Red Tail Amber Ale. Because beer and shrimp makes everything better!

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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