May 2nd – How Is This Serving Me?

Dear me,

As I drove up to spend the 2nd half of the day with my mom at the hospital I had the opportunity to listen to another audio recording. It was a way for me to sneak in some “self-service” time. Actually I started off the day doing that since the GGID group had it’s 1st call of the month. I toyed with not participating because I was still SO wiped out when I woke up. I simply got up to feed the cats who were staring at me, drooling (seriously, one was on the right side of my head and the other was on the left down by my waist – both just STARING!) and because I was a little hungry too. Then I thought I might just lurk and tell them I wasn’t up to talking. Then I just ended up being on the call as usual and was pretty incoherent with my thoughts, but it was still wonderful to connect with them. It woke me up enough to think a bit about May pillars and to do my errands for the morning before heading out.

Anyway, the message that struck me in the recording was this: when something comes up and you don’t understand what’s going on around it that you should just be direct and ask “Hey universe? How is this situation serving me?”

So – Hey Universe! How is the never-ending brake sensor saga with the Sears auto shop serving me?

(yes, there was another attempt today…..tune in on Wednesday for the next episode….)

Another great analogy that was made was to view your life as a movie. Just sit back, relax, and watch the screen in front of you. The movie will reveal everything. You just happen to be in it and you can do small things to switch the scenes, but basically – let the universe deliver your main story line. Don’t force it. Don’t ask a bazillion questions. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

When more than usual is happening around you (as it is right now for me), that is a pretty sweet analogy to embrace.

Hmmmm…part of the way the Sears saga served me today was that it allowed me to have an excuse to not go to the hospital until 3 so I was able to sneak in a much needed cat nap that allowed me to shake off that last bit of weariness I was carrying around earlier in the day and I could be fully engaged and connected with my parents while I was there.

But honestly, Screen Writer person? I’m TOTALLY fine with that plot line being resolved!

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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