May 1st – Shifting focus

Dear me,

At the end of the last 30 days with GGID, I posted my “before” and “after” – links to my journal posts dated 4/1 and 4/29. The change was really startling, even to me and I am the one who went through it and wrote about it!

Of course, the universe decided right away to test the newly formed habits – my mom fell yesterday on her left side and broke her wrist and the top of her femur. I was in the hospital until after midnight last night and then just got home after being there since 2 today. Surgery to place pins in the leg bone was done today. She will need round the clock care for another 2 weeks so she will be discharged not to go home, but to a nursing facility until she can bear weight. Not entirely sure yet what happens after that ;/

So right now I am in “one minute at a time” mode and doing my best to keep tuned in to my inner wisdom to keep me focused and connected to whatever is needed from me by her or my dad, or me. Also keeping the communication lines going to other concerned family and friends.

Yes, I *will* ask for help when necessary.

We are supposed to be building these new pillars for May in the GGID group but I am not entirely able to think about that now.

Right now I know I just need to sleep.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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