April 27th – Approved?

Dear me,

Yes, the title means I received notification the loan has been approved along with a request for 4 more documents that are typical of the final process. However, the question mark is because there is still no appraisal report as of this writing and I truly cannot celebrate until I see that 🙂 So….tentative yay?

I do have to write out a rather amusing process that is STILL….in process. In my reworking/strategizing over the use of my funds I decided that I would set aside my Sears card for auto repairs and nothing else. Now, I knew going in that this auto shop had a less than fabulous reputation. The Yelp reviews were actually so bad that they were funny. But I needed a total brake job and it was better for me to put that on the card (no interest for 12 months) and funnel that cash to pay off another small credit account. They were fine. Later on I needed an oil change. No problem. Well…small things like it takes a long time to check in your car and it ends up taking longer than they quote and they may not call you back when they say they will. Then I started to get a brake sensor warning light so…I take it back since they did a total brake job. Turns out it was the sensor itself that is faulty. They need to order the part from the Mercedes dealer. And…cue a cycle that has now been repeated THREE TIMES…they order it….they fail to call me to tell me it is in….I finally call them, find out it IS there and make an appointment. They say it will take an hour to install so I set aside time to just hang out around the mall while they work. And every time I wait longer than I should and then it ends up that THEY HAVE THE WRONG PART!! Seriously, there are apparently 5 possible brake sensors in the ABS system of my 12 year old car. After the 2nd time I had already arranged for them to cover everything but this is just so ridiculous! I left today with them agreeing to just order all possible parts out of their own pocket. CALL ME when they are in and I will – AGAIN – show up for them to install the correct one and then they can return the unused parts. Now, you want to talk about allowing me to practice being loving and patient and not getting too caught up in the inconvenience of it all – WOW! But, other than showing some disappointment on my face and dropping a very calm “this is bullshit” once (which is when they agreed I pay nothing), I’ve done pretty well at keeping calm. I’ve actually been quite happy with the efforts of one mechanic in particular who took it personally upon himself to go to the dealer the last time. He was off today, but still called me from his cell phone to tell me the part was there. He is going to be SO upset himself when he gets in tomorrow and realizes it was still not right! At this point I’m on a first name basis with at least 6 people who work there 😉

I’m doing a little bit of battle in my head each time resisting the urge to try and find the “meaning” behind each of these failed attempts. They just are what they are….simply cementing my original plan which was to use Sears *temporarily*!

What needs to happen is that I need to CHANGE the meaning behind the events. That was the message behind one video I listened to this morning. What is work (for instance?) Normally the meaning behind the word work is..well..work…something hard and or boring and a place you don’t want to go, right? What if work = that place you go where you get paid really well to do something you are really good at doing? Pretty cool, right? Along the same lines, by changing meaning and intentions at the start of your day you can kick off an immediate change. Your circumstances don’t change, but your *perception* of them does. Like with abundance/money – I don’t really *have* more than than I did in January. I’ve just changed the way I view what I do receive and how I use it. That change was pretty immediate. I feel so much less anxiety/stress around money.

Intention is so so so critical.

“May I be more loving than ever before for the betterment of all.” I will say that when I wake up to set my intention for each day.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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