April 26th – Tuning in

Dear me,

This is not a race report, but I do want to thank you for speaking up loud enough to me when I noticed one woman who always seemed to be travelling along during the race with me. We would take turns being ahead or behind and I would slow down to walk through the water stations and then I had to stop and stretch twice more than half way through, but still there we were near each other as we hit the bottom of the biggest hill descent at Mile 10. She said something to me about how I was doing a great job keeping a steady pace and how she had kept me in sight from the start. I smiled and said thank you kind of weakly at first, but then stole a longer glance at her and could tell she was struggling. At least – her running gait looked even more cumbersome than mine FELT (which is saying a lot by that point!). So I kept her next to me for about another 1/10th of a mile on purpose and then I initiated a longer conversation and let her know I would stay with her. That right there is something else that might never have happened a year ago. But today I am very happy I listened to the pull of your voice saying “run with her” because from then on any aches or tightness I was feeling seemed to drop away and despite the last hill climb up and down that was in front of us at miles 12 and 13 we kept chugging along and I even got her sprinting with me through the finish line ๐Ÿ™‚ ย She was very grateful and I was too!

A similar tap on my shoulder yesterday resulted in meeting someone who I swear I must have known in another life. On the same community board where I found a buyer for the piano, I saw a post from someone looking for a house to use for filming a series of educational videos for the military. There’s grant money from the University of Tennessee and the homeowner would be paid $300/day used. Possibly 2-3 days. There were already a few replies, but then I looked closer and saw the videographer wanted a *modest* house and when I saw the addresses of the other respondents I knew those places were anything but modest! The rooms are supposed to look like a young military officer’s residence – not a high powered attorney! Anyhow, I decided to reach out and the person contacted me just after the race and came by this afternoon. We hit it off instantly! She was even a little disappointed that I sold the piano already because she wants one for her daughter! We could have chatted for hours I swear. I think there’s a good chance she will use my house (money that will go straight to my parents) but beyond that I know we will get together again just to chat. She’s a newbie runner doing her first half marathon in November ๐Ÿ™‚

But again – responding to a post like that is something I never would have done before. I would just *assume* that other folks houses were better than mine and walk away. SO happy that I didn’t let any IMG(MF) voices talk me out of that yesterday!

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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