April 24th – and then I kept walking.

Dear me,

Well, what a podcast recording that was tonight eh?

Coming after that little ocular migraine as I drove home (year, that was pleasant!) it was nice to just lie down and listen to a very loving voice speak.

Briefly, the gist of the talk was to live with a very very simple intent of love and love alone.

The scenario was this “you are walking home from the store and someone bumps into you causing you to drop your groceries. You can gnash your teeth and rant or wonder why this happened to you and what is the universe trying to teach you…..OR….you can pick up your things thinking ‘well, that happened’…and keep on walking.”

“You wake up, believing you will have the most awesome day ever, but then you don’t, and…you keep on walking.”

It was such a simple message of a very simple life.

Sort of like the one line of the Indigo Girls song that tends to get stuck in my head: “The less I seek the source of some definitive, closer I am to fine.”

I think this was a reminder that in my continued discoveries, I should remember that my focus is on loving myself completely.

Sort of why I listened to my Inner Wisdom and decided against digging around for *reasons* why my fears and insecurities were what they were, right?

It no longer matters what the question is, the answer is always love.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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