April 15th – Reading quietly

Dear me,

Cutting short the writing tonight because I want to take advantage of a quiet night with time and space to read the Inner Mean Girl book. Really enjoying it so far. Took the quiz again in the book and ended up with the same top two personality types with two more tied for third. Next up is listing the most common triggers for mine to show up. I think it will be fun to name the IMGs and the current triggers in a future journal and then check in some time down the road to see how things have evolved.

One observation that I have found interesting – when I first started writing and exploring so many different approaches to self improvement or getting in touch with my soul/inner voice, I had that month of recoil when I felt like I had been drinking from the fire hose.

I’d say that I am kind of back at dabbling in lots of different areas, but this time with one common focus: to be able to discover how to love myself so that I can open up to loving others more completely and to receive love without reservation.

Back to the book!

Be kind, be loving, just be.


One comment

  1. Robin · April 16, 2015

    I’m on a similar journey, Christina. 🙂

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