April 13th – Feed the Birds

Dear me,

Listening successes – the same radio host who wrote the Feng Shui book that led me to envision an Osprey as the spirit of this house spoke in another show about your own personal spirit animal. Now, I am hesitant to use that term since I feel that is a term being appropriated from Native American traditions. Of course, the woman bringing this up IS. Anyhow, when doing that visualization, I didn’t get anything immediately.

But she said to watch in the coming hours or days for any particular non-human form that might suddenly be all around me (tv, internet, road signs, etc) Sure enough within 24 hours I knew – a hummingbird! It had to be a bird, of course 🙂 But really I have frequently said that I have hummingbird metabolism and since she was talking about a “protector” animal I swear I know of no fiercer being when it comes to defending their territory (food source). Then a fellow I follow on twitter who works for Audubon posts about a backyard birding project to protect hummingbirds from climate change. I thought back to the beautiful shock of orange I have seen recently in my yard which is unusual – a rufous hummingbird – normally my area is dominated my Anna’s so seeing the orange flash was a treat. I knew I needed to add a feeder to my yard again. Seriously nothing makes me happier than sitting in a yard  with a feeder watching the hungry visitors. I love how they do, indeed, defend a spot like maniacs – until those last 5-10 minutes of daylight when suddenly they allow everyone to come eat.

Total Only Child thing to do. “Mine, mine mine mine mine!!!” then “Oh, ya’ll need this to live so the species can continue? Fine. Five minutes.”

I put the feeder up yesterday and filled it only with water + sugar. No prepared mix as instructed by the Audubon site. Came home from work tonight and…there was a male Anna’s sitting in the tree, then chasing away any visitors! I cannot WAIT to sit out there this weekend and enjoy that show!!

I have a good feeling about this week in regards to the bigger things I have initiated to improve the flow of abundance.

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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