April 10th – And the beat goes on

Dear me, 

Listening and focusing. Listening and focusing. Listening and focusing.

It has a nice beat doesn’t it?

Something I noticed while listening to another summit conversation and some random hayhouse shows – my inner skeptic (the voice that was second loudest in my head per the Mean Girl test – book arrived, will start reading this weekend)…is gaining strength.

A couple of times this week I’ve had this “gah!” reaction when listening to yet another spiritual coach say essentially the same thing which then leads into “but, for more, buy my book/course/kit!” or better yet “click here for the ONE COMPLETE GUIDE to YOUR inner secrets to unleashing ABUNDANCE/YOUR SOUL’S DESIRES…” 

Yes, all these things are marketed the same way. The landing pages all look the same. The pricing levels are all similarly patterened. I know the drill. I took those online marketing courses myself when I worked with Eve on the PergolaDIY site. 

Where do you draw the line at truly beneficial guidance vs snake oil salesperson? 

This is a VERY familiar pattern with me though. I get fascinated, exlplore a shit ton of stuff, buy a few books (though this is more than before) and THINK about other stuff before rejecting all of it. 

I don’t want to reject all of it though. I’ve found every book to provide me some insight or tip/trick towards retraining my mindset that has been worth it’s purchase price. 

And I haven’t bought anything from the JULIUS folks, but their whole technique to retrain the subconsious using the imagination (happy place) feels very spot on. 

I’m still pretty enamored of my house spirit fluffing it’s feathers. Thought more about that today. I think it’s an Osprey. I know it lives near the water (like I need to be), but when I pictured a Peregrine Falcon or even my lovely little Kestrel, it didn’t quite click. So then I thought maybe an eagle, but that seemed TOO big. Then the Osprey came to me and it clicked. Soaring, diving into the water, fish eater, brown and white – yup, that is what I had in mind. 

So I wont stop exploring – I’ll maybe see if the Mean Girl book provides more insight into taming this inner skeptic. OTOH, maybe I kinda like her since my primary goal is honoring my income and listening to my inner voice to do that. She’s probably keeping me from pissing away my abundance on something less than honorable 🙂

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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