April 5th – What is this day to me?

Dear me,

Came upon an area where judgment will be a little harder to wipe away. Religion. Actually, that is too broad. I’ll just focus on today and what had my hair standing on end now and then.

I find it very interesting how people say “Happy Easter!” with no qualifications on the whole. Making an *assumption* that the person they are saying it to is Christian. Now, I find this holiday to be much more strongly identified with Christianity since it really IS their high holy day. It’s what makes Jesus…well…Jesus, right? The whole belief that he was dead and then reborn (and here is where my inner eye rolling begins). Now, I don’t get this same angst from Christmas – that holiday is almost less and less about the religious story and more about the celebration of family and taking a break in the dark of winter to have some lovely lights and good food and share good will (and presents!)

Easter feels much more religious. Yet there is no non religious greeting for it, is there? And honestly, if someone is Jewish, and you know it, you would NEVER wish them a Happy Easter. Or Muslim. But what about those of us who are non of THOSE, but also NOT Christian?

And why is that Easter is the one holiday when people post tons of “He is risen!” and/or bible verses on Facebook or Twitter? All I can think is “OK, that’s nice, keep it to yourself OK?”

I know – I need to get back to reminding myself that folks are not throwing their religion AT me, but for some reason on Easter it feels WAY more in your face.

But really – the one who irritated me the most was Marcus! He knows how NOT Christian I am. We’ve talked about my belief in spirit, but not God and certainly not Jesus! He knows I only ever went to my moms for Easter to make HER happy. I stopped doing easter basket stuff ages ago. It felt much too hypocritical to me. And he knows this – yet today while I was running he sends me a “Happy Easter!” text. UGH UGH UGH. I ignored it (mostly because I was running up the hill at Torrey Pines!) and took many deep breaths before reminding myself that he’s just being polite – not trying to piss me off – he doesn’t think ahead much of the time. A couple of years ago – heck even last year – I probably would have snapped at him in reply – but..I didn’t. I didn’t wish it back though…I just let him know I was running and would check in when I was done. I know he never had a clue I was miffed – which is a win!

The awesome thing is that I will be able to bring this up face to face with when I see him next and it will be totally cool – and he’ll probably forget all about it again next year because that’s just the way he rolls πŸ™‚ (no short term memory and lots of ADD issues) It will be an interesting discussion no matter what and that’s what will be fun.

I am grateful for my parents having a lovely trip with their friends to Laughlin – and for the $300 they won in the casinos – the month of April is covered πŸ™‚

I am grateful for the ability to buy some new running shoes in time for training for the big three events happening between now and June. I figure that was an excellent use of my extra bookkeeping income from March πŸ™‚

Please let the appraisal be done this week. I know that is the next step after the disclosures I signed on Thursday.

I am grateful for quiet time today and a generally peaceful day (minor irritation at Easter greetings aside).

Be kind, be loving, just be.


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