March 31st GGID Journal

Dear me,

Allow me to hijack the journal for a day to post what I shared in the group about how the month of March went:

Food went really well. It was enhanced greatly by listening to the Mindful Eating Summit I seriously do *enjoy* preparing my meals every day. I think I’ve transitioned to Mindful Cooking! But I honestly have enjoyed paying attention to slowing down and really experiencing my food as much as possible. Fitness was inconsistent, but also ended up just fine given my 15k race experience. I wasn’t as dedicated to mid-week running as I would have liked, but I did use the gym at work several times and I also spent several days doing yard work so I wasn’t sedentary, just not running as much. Mindset was a lot like Cat’s – really good overall, many days when I felt completed plugged in, yet I’m ending the month feeling a bit thrashed. Hopeful & on the mend and plugging back in, but still thrashed. It just so happens that my deepest challenges to my mindset were in the last 10 days, BUT, there were certainly improved responses to those challenges (in addition to a couple of slip ups!) I learned a LOT though about different things I can do to change those response habits and keep them coming from a place of love rather than fear/anger. I also had a visit from my Inner Critic who tried to get a grip on me and pull me away from everyone, BUT, I resisted the urge to go into hermit mode and I posted here and I ran with Kellee and Shari and I know that helped pull me away from that mindset a LOT faster and with some insights I would otherwise not have gained. So, the learning continues!

Today, there was a bonus Mindful Eating Summit interview. Well, now I get what it is my inner voice is saying to me. Or, really I get what the source IS for my inner voice. The whole concept of our minds being receptors for the radio frequencies of all thoughts in the universe was at once impossible to believe, and then in an instant, it made perfect sense. The process of thought coming in thought the logical left frontal lobe, being accepted and passed on into the emotional centers of our brains and then transmitted out to every cell in our body….magical! Of course, we trained our minds over the years to only accept “familiar” thoughts….or thoughts from the frequency to which our antennae is set.

(Yes, my 10 year old brain is imagining My Favorite Martian right now…)

There is so much more, but I need to mindfully eat some dinner and then so daydream for a bit to feed my subconscious with a healthy dose of peace, love and understanding. I also need to dig into my photo gallery to find the photo representation of my daydream – the swirling, churning water at the back of a cruise ship. I will be standing out there soaking in the sound and the colors as the sunlight dances through the bubbles at the surface and just beneath.


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