March 27th GGID Journal

Dear me,

This has been one of those days when I feel as if I’ve lived through 3 days rolled into one.

Other than one reactionary, snarky moment on facebook I pretty much held it together too. In person I was all good anyway 🙂 Thank you universe for the opportunity tonight to go hang out at the high school to watch some sports! The lacrosse jv team played against a team that my co-worker’s son is on so I went with him to see that game and then also watched the varsity team play which allowed me to see Alex’s pop warner football coach and his wife and mom. It was such a delight to catch up with all three of them! Also a wonderful way to be connected to people who I adore AND also feel like I was taking a break from the routine of the week.

It was so nice not to be sitting in front of a computer, madly refreshing emails to see when/if I would hear from the lender! Wouldn’t you know it, between games he called and apologized for the delays and promised forms would be emailed over tonight. And, they were! Got home to find them and signed and scanned them back right away.


Thank you for that! Much much gratitude.

Thank you too for easing the mindset of my son who went a little sideways last night. He seems much better tonight.

Thank you for the ability to stay plugged in despite some angst and swirling winds around me.


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