March 25th GGID Journal

Dear me,

It’s late. Marcus came over and I got him caught up on all the Carmen stuff from the week. Plus I listened to a webinar from one of the experts that has been interviewed in a summit I’m following. It was really good for about 50 minutes then it turned into a massive sales pitch and I tuned out, though I didn’t turn it OFF. It just ended and then pushed me off to the sales page and what was MADDENING was that there was NO LINK to what was supposed to be a free gift if you stuck it out to the end. Dang it. I know these guys gotta make their money, but that was pretty ridiculous.

HOWEVER: prior to the sales pitch part the exercises he led me through were pretty fascinating! Mostly because they just reinforced to me that I am on the right path. They also reinforced to me what I had started to pick up on myself today which was that I had been sliding back into the “lack” vocabulary. At least 3 times this week I’ve said “I can’t afford” “I don’t have the funds” or “Mama can’t handle out of pocket”. All sentences that indicate a state of LACKING vs HAVING.

Let’s stop that right there shall we?

Two fun exercises we did: One was on what he called the 3 pillars (hah!) of your soul purpose. Feeling, Being, Doing.

See it, Be in it, Feel it, DO it.

He had us imagine away one are of worry – of course I chose prosperity – and truly SIT In the feeling that washed over me as I pictured my financial goals being achieved. He advised that we should capture that feeling, and live in it now. Walk around with as much joy/confidence/connectivity or whatever it is you feel right NOW. In other words, draw that reality TO you NOW. Use that feeling to keep your focus on the plan you have in place and keep it there until it all clicks. And it will.

Pretty cool – I think I was already doing that because just the act of making a financial plan had eased a lot off my shoulders until the last couple of days when I lost my focus and got lazy. I could blame Carmen, but no, that’s a separate issue and I have to keep this focus strong no matter what other areas of distraction come up. I am multi-talented!

Which brings me to the other exercise:

Write down 3–5 people you admire. First ones that pop into your head. Mine were:

Barack Obama, Adam Lambert & Ellen. (I stopped there because I was laughing at myself over the 3 that drifted up that fast!).

Then we had to write down the list of qualities we thought those people embodied that YOU specifically admire. I wrote:

“Chill, kind, warm, loving, patient, empathetic, funny, easy to laugh, pragmatic, witty, sharp, dancing!”

These are not necessarily qualities that I see in all three, but just characteristics that popped into my head as I thought of them. Odd how I chose a singer, yet never mentioned his singing voice, right?

Well, then the host said the coolest thing “Those qualities you admire? They are YOU!” Hah – no wonder I didn’t mention singing!!

Anyway, a fun exercise. I was just writing a note to myself at the start of the webinar that I wanted to put in my authentic self characteristics into the About page of this site so I think I will also list those qualities that popped into my head.

And on that note, it is late, there was a lot more today that kept me connected to the universe in really fantastic ways, but I need to go take a peek into heaven again 😉


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