March 24th GGID Journal

Dear me,

WOW, there was a lot on my mind last night!

I’m so glad I started this journal because I am fairly certain sleep would have been hard to come by without dumping all that out in here! As it is, I slept just fine 🙂

Also, I remembered my shoes today which was great because I really needed to go pedal after work!

There was another flurry of email exchanges with Carmen today. No regrets on my end – nothing I could have done differently other than to completely not communicate with her at all which just was not a functional option for a workplace. I really do feel sad for her and continue to silently send her nothing but warm, healing, thoughts. But, I also expect professional actions so I can’t back down when something comes up.

I was quite thankful that this disturbance only lasted a very short time and didn’t really set me off course at all.

OTOH, it wasn’t until rather later after work that I realized my loan officer never contacted me today! Grrrrrr….the pattern of inconsistent communication continues. Guess who will get an email as soon as I am settled at my desk tomorrow?

Dear universe – please help him get this refinance DONE! We are so close (at least that is what I was told, right?)

The word of the day – no, really, I’d say it is the word of the last month – is HONOR.

I realized after hearing it for perhaps the 5th time today across a broad spectrum of live hayhouse radio shows, some podcasts, and summit interviews that this word comes up a LOT. I’ve read it in many of the books I’ve consumed, and heard it on many other radio shows.

I’ve used it here when I express my intention to HONOR the abundance that is brought to me by using it to it’s fullest capacity and value.

We choose to seek out relationships that HONOR our souls – for all parties involved. Set out to find career paths that HONOR our talents.

I continue to focus on HONORING my true self.

What a powerful word, in both sound and intention!

Dear soul/voice/universe – please bring resolution to this refinance process tomorrow. Help me to connect with the people I need to in order to get this done. Thank you for guiding me so beautifully today with Carmen – more will be needed tomorrow with a planned training session. Thank you for continuing to help Nick communicate clearly asking for what he needs and for keeping me open to listening and helping where I can.

Oh – as I am just now thinking how sleepy I am….another moment from one of the radio shows today made me smile. The topic was children who are exhibiting signs of being mediums – of being actively connected to the spirit world (indigo or rainbow children they are called) and one mom spoke of how her son tells her that when he falls asleep he goes to heaven and talks to the angels! The host agreed! He said he fully believes that once in our subconscious minds we are completely open to all universal portals. How’s that for a trippy/cool way to think about what will happen as you drift off to sleep? Kinda makes you curious and filled a little bit with wonder eh? Who will I see and talk to tonight when I am dancing with the spirits? 🙂


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