March 22 GGID Journal

Dear me,

THANK YOU for pointing me to the color vibrations a couple of weeks ago! I know this past week wasn’t glorious, BUT, even though I had to face some less than desirable communication habits that I can see have been damaging, I also see what I can do to stop those issues AND I know that I can (and am, or even have been) doing it right too.

THANK YOU for delivering a message I absolutely needed to hear today. Well, let me thank the universe for that too! So wonderful to read a genuine, unsolicited, out of the blue compliment from a totally unexpected source.

I will carry that with me for a long time.

Yes, I skipped yesterday because I had to go to bed early due to it being a race day. I am still, frankly, stunned whenever I run one of these events. Me? run? HAH! But I gotta say that anytime today when I felt a wee bit weary or wondered why I cared about pushing myself to run a certain pace, I would think “Because 5 years ago you wouldn’t even have known this race existed, let alone enter it, let alone RUN THE WHOLE thing! So, give it your ALL!”

I still cannot entirely fathom that I am a runner.

So what is speaking to me right now? Well, I know I need to obviously keep thinking green and purple for connection, communication, focus and leadership. This week needs to really be about abundance because that darn refi has GOT to hit the downhill roll. The lender never did call or email with the details as he promised Thursday night when he called so I need to nudge him along again. Let’s just say that he does a good job digging through the best scenarios for you, but he isn’t truly dedicated to receiving the green vibrations himself! More frequent updates would be a lot more reassuring. But, this is the kind of thing I used to let slide before because I wouldn’t want to bother him….NOPE!

So yeah, I feel pretty damn Girl On Fire today. Let’s carry that into the week, shall we?


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