March 19th GGID Journal

Dear me,

This really WILL be short today! Had another migraine drop at the end of the work day and then just lift away on it’s own when I dozed off after dinner – this was well after taking any medication so who knows WHY the delayed reaction, but I’ll take it!

THANK YOU for sending along a really intricate project at work that will a) keep me engaged during these next couple of slower months there and b) keep me engaged so that I am not even *tempted* to speak to Carmen unless absolutely necessary!!

THANK YOU for the call from the lender with a “conditional” approval tonight. He promised details to follow tomorrow but for sure the appraisal can now be ordered.

THANK YOU for keeping me connected to people – ALL people I encounter – in a way that makes me feel energized and connected like never before in my life – even through things like frustration at an employee or a migraine rolling in. I know FULL WELL that those sorts of things would have sent me into a world of Crabby Lucy days when no one would want to talk to me and for sure I would have snapped someone’s head off and had to apologize later.

THANK YOU for keeping me focused on sticking to my financial plan, even on days like today when picking up fast food or ice cream on the way home was SO tempting given how I was feeling but instead I just reheated leftovers and ate my fruit Popsicle. My cupboards may be bare by Saturday morning, but that’s just means that I ate everything I bought the week before which was all on my healthy eating plan AND within my financial means for that week. It’s been six weeks since I enacted the new financial plan and I haven’t made ANY purchases that made me feel guilty in that time. I’ve got my miscellaneous spending line down to under $25 each pay period – that’s fantastic (and it’s almost all e-books!) And I honestly don’t feel like I’ve TRIED. It just feels natural because it feels like I am *honoring* the abundance that flows in by making sure it flows out in a way that serves a deeper purpose.

THANK YOU for sweeping today’s migraine away so fast.

And on that note – good night!


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