March 18th GGID Journal

Dear me,

This will be short and sweet as I am not sure what in the heck energy filed that I ran into when I got home! I was feeling GREAT. Laughed a ton at the end of the day over the comment thread in the GIID group while I was listening to one of Dr Kellee’s interviews. I got a lot done at work with really great focus. Had a couple of great meditation breaks during the day. The fallout from the talk with Carmen pretty much dissipated by 10am. I found out that I can pull another loan from retirement to show more cash on hand which will make it possible to get the first loan. Not the idea situation, but it will still work out in the long run. Got home, decided that I wanted to give some attention and love to the house after it showed its spirit to me so I decided I could spend 40 minutes out on the yard chopping down the weeds in the front yard so that at the last the “face” of the property looks neat and well cared for.

Before I went out there, I opened another storage container that I’d pulled out from under my bed and made another pile of “throw away” items and took them down with me to the trash. Then I put on a visor and grabbed the hedge clippers and got to work. I was not 5 minutes into it when I swear it felt like a truck hit me. I was moving from one spot to attack another patch of weeds and my head felt like a migraine was coming on, though not…really…just sort of the hint of one. Then I realized that my forearms were super weak. Like, my hands were shaking weak! WTF? I pushed through of course and finished what I planned and chalked it all up to lack of adequate food. Threw some chips in my mouth, fed the cats, made the pasta dinner I had planned and sat down and ate it, yet still felt wobbly and still do. Now it feels more like sinus pressure descending….I did note that the weather seemed to change rather abruptly while I was out there. Now Nick just came out from his room and said exactly this: “Yeah, about two hours ago it was like I just started to feel like crap and my head hurts and I don’t know WHAT is going on!”

So….I dunno! I could have said it was me moving clutter out, or chopping weeds – though why my body would react so negatively to that when I took a solid two day break from clearing things out I do not know! And with each task I walked away from it feeling good IN SPIRIT anyway even though my body is weak. But Nick wasn’t involved at all – yet HE feels it too so…..could just good old fashioned barometric pressure dropping that hit us both because sure enough the chance of rain stands at 40% all of a sudden and it got really windy.

And I said I wouldn’t write a lot, and then I did! I’m taking an Advil sinus and going to bed! Rest up dear soul, we will take a walk of discovery another day 😉


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