March 16th GGID Journal

Dear me,

Well, after two hours of de-cluttering Saturday I can honestly say that when I looked at the next set of containers that I pulled out from under my bed and contemplated going through them, my head started to hurt a bit. So instead I sat down inside (it was HOT this weekend) and read another chapter in the book. You know what it said? “Do you clutter clearing in small increments over time. Don’t try to tackle the mountain in one day! Even when making positive changes to the energy forces in the house, too much at once will be too unsettling and even cause *more* health problems than it will clear up long term – no need to rush it!”


So I stacked those containers neatly in the spot left empty by them file cabinet move and let them be. Besides, I needed to let the trash get picked up this morning and I had to empty my car from the shredding and donation piles generated Saturday. Now that those are all handled, I can dive back in tomorrow night.

My intent today was to keep up with those mini connections and it went well. I reached out to the HR person recommended to me and had a productive discussion with her on how to handle Carmen. Of course, that means another conversation with her that I need to prepare for mentally, but I practiced a little tonight with Marcus and I know I can handle it.


Yes, I know I can – but hey, universe? If you wouldn’t mind could you please provide me with an extra helping of clarity and a calm mindset to allow me to communicate with kindness and keep the focus on her and what she is responsible for? And maybe crack her mind and heart open to receive this lesson? A nice cocoon of green and purple light would be amazing when I sit down to talk to her – Thank you so much!

One thing I did make sure to toss out in this weekend’s trash bin were some old housing development brochures that I had in one of the containers under my bed. I got the vibe in my head that keeping those around was sort of sending the energy out to this house that I was still looking for something better! NO way! I bought this place with the full intention that I would live in it as long as I can physically continue going up and down stairs. I am completely, 100% grounded and at peace here. It truly is my castle and will even more so once I clean up these relatively small piles of the past and arrange things exactly as I need them to be right now. I absolutely want the energy to be ” I am HOME, I will take great care of this house and I am grateful for the abundance that is provided to allow me to live here and be the caretaker this place deserves. I HONOR this space.” In fact, I said that little mantra in my head as I carried out the brochures and threw them into the recycle bin and rolled it out front last night.

And THAT reminds me to ping my lender tomorrow to see how things are rolling with the refi 🙂


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