March 14th GGID Journal

Dear me,

Such an interesting thing happened while I was reading the Feng Shui book last night! The author is Denise Linn, same lady whose podcast I was listening to who talked about physical and spiritual clutter. From the radio show I already had devised a plan of attack on the various places in my bedroom that need attention. I *thought* I would start with the items under my bed to clear the energy where I sleep. (Though I must say that as long as I don’t overdo it on caffeine, sleep has been pretty darn good even when I was sick!).

In the first chapter there was some discussion about WHAT you bring into your home and where you place things. There was nothing specific really, but all of a sudden I felt compelled to look at the artwork hanging in my room. I was pleased with the things I had chosen as they do all quite properly represent what I think my soul desires to see when I wake up every day or when I walk in at night (depending on the placement of paintings). I think it was something she said about “don’t worry about being an art director and hanging your items in a ‘proper’ way like a gallery – hang them where you want to SEE them and according to the times of day you might want to see them or based upon what you might be doing. Go sit in every place in your house where you spend time and look around you and surround yourself with exactly what your soul wants to see in that spot.”

Looking around, I realized that the painting of THE ONE place that specifically connects me to Alex – Flat Rock at Torrey Pines – was partially blocked! I am sure the reason I thought of it was because we were just there yesterday on our hike and we were reminiscing about the many times we had been there. I noticed that the only place you could really see it unobstructed was if you were leaving the sink area of the bathroom and walking towards the closet. Otherwise you had to turn your head to see it while walking in, or, while in the bed, it was blocked by the TV. So I immediately got up and took it down and put it on the floor in front of my nightstand and today I hung it up above there because that part of the wall was empty. Now, it is the FIRST painting I see directly when I walk in the room. As soon as it was up I nodded and thought/felt “Yep, that’s better!”

And THAT got me focused on that corner of the room which had been a source of annoyance to me for ages! Certainly since I got the king sized bed in the room, but even before that when I first brought in a full sized file cabinet it had been irritating and not as functional as it could. In fact. I had always wanted that file cabinet to be IN the closet in the corner. That just meant removing excess hanging clothes – but frankly I’ve kept that so minimal it was quite easy to arrange. But, it was the floor of the closet that had clutter as well as the shelf above. So I spent about 2 hours today clearing things out and now the file cabinet is where I always wanted it and I will next have my son help me move the dresser about 6 inches over to make that side of the room not feel so cramped around the foot of the bed.

I don’t even have any idea what kind of energy that will bring or change, but I can tell you for sure it makes me feel more relaxed when I walk in already!

Heaven knows what I will be inspired to do when I go read more of the book right now!!

Maybe I should take it slower – currently my car is pretty filled with old files I can take to work and shred, and bags of items to drop at the donation center 🙂


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