March 13th GGID Journal

Dear me,

Today was about non-stop communication and connection! So much so, that at 6:30pm I was kinda done. And yet, I still maintained a loving mindset with Nick before finally diving into some TV shows and zoning out. In the area of a small conversation that could produce bigger benefits – I asked my supervisor today about help with Carmen. He told me that he’s leaned on a specific person in the HR department for situations like this and that the person there has been REALLY helpful. So I’ll contact her Monday to setup a meeting and pick her brain. Plus I had a fantastic afternoon of hiking on my favorite trails with my son, his grandma (dad’s mom) and his (girl)friend 🙂 Oddly enough in the past I might not have inserted myself into that plan, but when I contacted him yesterday to see if/when I would see him again before he left tomorrow morning to drive back to school with his dad, he suggested I take the afternoon off and tag along since he knew this was my favorite spot.

I listened to one podcast today – just one – and it is my next area of discovery. The colors have been wonderful and now that I know where to go to figure out either which color to pull in when I need it, or to identify why a specific color is suddenly all around me, I felt myself drawn to a topic introduced last week by this one radio show host – clearing clutter with INTENT. Not just physical clutter, but cyber clutter too. It was quite interesting really as far as why this called out to me given that my house is really, quite awesomely clutter free. And one of the things I did while I was sick was to go through my phone and delete tons on outdated contacts.

And yet – I do still HAVE clutter – it’s just well hidden!

But I truly have been quite vigilant about NOT letting my house get piled up with stuff. It has been very important to my psyche to create a home that is truly my castle and my definition of that is that it must be a place that houses beauty and laughter and love, but not dust! Hah – then I got cats and well….I can’t quite claim anything near to dust/fur free! However, there is a definite FLOW to the house – especially downstairs that makes my mind and soul feel peaceful. So I do think I’ve honored that pretty well in most of the house.

And my bedroom is not BAD…and I did clean it up at the start of the year….but…..there’s still stuff there that I can legitimately throw out.

The idea of course, is that energy needs to flow too. Vibrant, abundant, love filled energy. And I sure as heck do not want to be doing anything to block any abundance from flowing!!

And since I noticed that simply by working on the little things that I have been over the last two months that my nagging areas of pain are greatly reduced (if not entirely gone), then I figure I might want to keep digging into this whole energy/vibration thing!

The rule for clutter is: clear it with *intent* – think about what removing something will free you from – whether it’s an old memory, remnants of an old dream you aspired to (I have some of that), or clinging to the memory of someone no longer living, or just that you cling to *things* out of fear of letting go (but what if I NEED this?)

If you don’t LOVE it, or USE it, it’s CLUTTER. You can set your own definition of USE. 6 mos? 1 year? 2 years? Nothing more than 5 years for sure. I have settled on 1 year.

It’s great too, because it gives me concrete tasks that I can do which will allow me to see an end result. I’m starting with under my bed this weekend.

I like the fact that even though I had an area of focus (with the colors and small communication/connections) I was still open to when a new one called out. It’s not exactly drinking from the fire hose, but it is nice to know that I CAN handle a little soul multi-tasking 🙂

In gratitude,



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