March 7 GGID Journal

Dear me,

It’s amazing how much lighter I feel after drawing that picture of me. Well, a picture in list form at any rate of My Truths. Timing was, as usual, just perfect because I roll into these next 6 days without as much ability to plan them out, or even anticipate generally how they will go. Youngest is on a plane right now heading home for Spring Break week and he will be the Wild Card in each day. Naturally I will be making myself available to him at every possible moment so it’s wonderful that I won’t feel a deep need to carve out me time every day. I took some of that for myself today just in case with a nice little snooze in the backyard after grocery shopping.

That flu was awful, but that it reminded me to go sit outside on a regular basis was possibly all worth it 😉

Today I was so quiet while I sat, that a lovely Hermit Thrush came into the yard and bustled about digging for bugs and two lizards chased each other over the rocks in the sunshine having no care, or not noticing, that I was there. It was just 20-30 minutes, but it was perfect.

SO – colors! Having sparked that curiosity, I naturally had to follow up a bit today. I haven’t settled on a book yet, but I did go on the website of the podcast host who I heard the other day. Right on the home page he has a color spectrum and you can choose the one you are drawn to and see what it represents. After that meditation I had yesterday with the greens and purples well you can guess what I chose:

Emerald Green – The emerald green light is used to open the lines of communication. It is seen around singers, public speakers, and writers/artisans. It helps us free our minds from judgment and live in the moment with our artistic selves. Emerald green will help your consciousness find the perfect words for how you are feeling about a person or situation. If you are drawn to emerald green, you may be holding back on how you feel. The emerald green helps to open lines of communication and understanding within our world. Use the Emerald green to help express your vulnerable side.

Isn’t that interesting since I feel as if I was coming out of a rather deep intellectual/technical/linear couple of days (which I found out are yellow/gold) when I still had managed to remain well connected with people and very mindful of communicating effectively and with kindness despite the fact my brain wasn’t naturally feeling that way. In fact, as I wrote in the GGID group today, reflecting on the past week I am really really grateful for having learned to keep a grasp on that side of myself even as other things pull me towards the heavy thinking side of my brain. There was a tiny inner struggle going on to regain balance and connectedness to the inner spirit and I pulled it off without too much of a hitch! I’m quite sure that a year ago I might have either withdrawn quite a bit, or even been rather irritated at myself and therefore, at others.

Purple light is one of the easiest lights to incorporate into your life. It is seen around heads of state, CEOs of a company or anyone in a leadership position. Purple is the color of the divine plan. It helps us to return to our path and feel connected to the blueprint of our lives. Purple invokes the leader in all of us and teaches us the simple technique of delegating tasks to others. If you are drawn to purple, you may be asked to become the leader in a situation. You are most likely about to make a big decision. By using purple you will be stronger in your convictions and confident in your divine plan.

First of all, I am ALWAYS drawn to purple! My bedroom walls are a purple hue and it is my favorite color in flowers, in clothes, in jewelry…anything! It happens to look fabulous on me too 🙂 Although..when I was a child, my favorite jewel was the emerald. So isn’t it interesting how the green appeared first, and then the purple sort of soaked it’s way in? Of course I see the purple as coming through in that moment as I pulled myself more naturally into balance. No more tussling with one side of the brain or the other – just right back in sync. It’s also interesting how they mention being ‘stronger in your convictions and confident in your divine plan.’ since I had just come up with my list of Truths.

Veddy veddy interesting. Color me ever more fascinated! Hah. I crack me up. Signed up for Dougall’s 3 part guide to color me happy. First one was a meditation on white which…I admit while doing it that I felt a little “charge” or “surge” of electricity through my body. Of course, what’s also funny is that when I bought this house I called it the 1980s cathedral. White on white on white with these soaring high ceilings and a white tile floor and almost white carpet. Gack!! It literally echoed. And there’s so many funky/interesting wall angles all over that were just hidden under a layer of pure white. Well, other than the ceiling those walls are all colored in now! Rarely does any room have the same color on all four walls. Rarely do you sit in any room and as you turn your head do you see less than two colors. From where I am right now I can see four! Clearly color has, and does mean something to me and I think it is going to be fun finding out why and how best to use them as needed.

My heart and mind are open, right? Let’s go learn so more!

After I spend some time with KID – mama needs a hug and some of that irreverent conversation & laughter.


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