March 6th GGID Journal

Dear me,

(Italics are my writing from lunch break.)

Mid-day notes – Feeling more connected today though it was spotty!

Greens and purples while taking a mid-day meditation break. Flooded green, then lavender sort of soaked through. 

An explanation of the color note – when I close my eyes, in order to bring myself completely within, I actually focus my eyes on my eyelids. It’s like the old phrase you use when someone catches you napping at an inappropriate time “But I was just examining my eyelids!” 🙂

When I do this, I take note of the colors (if any) that show up almost like an aura against the darkness. I sometimes see drifting pin pricks of lights in different colors (or just in a darker black than the background) and I sometimes get a view that almost looks like I am flying over city lights – and they are swirling ever so slowly away. It’s such a calming feeling when I see the city lights! Anyhow, today the colors were a very lovely emerald green at first – and it was quite a lot of it. More green than dark background. But then spots of light purple/rose started to “burn” through until it settled into a royal purple. Fascinating. I need to study up on color manifestations. One of the radio show hosts I heard while I was in the gym last night did color readings. I think I know what my next book topic will be for my reading time!

AM meditation revelation – what I know for sure – I believe in free will and spirits.

Interesting observation: reviewing Writing Your Soul and the section on how that author identified her true self revealed that she called it a Covenant because she was trying to identify what she could VOW to for life (since her marriage had just fallen apart and she was doubting the power of vows). Her list (which was 7 by the say, not 5 – and 7 is more to my liking overall..) was very very God centric. My reaction? Almost a physical rejection of that concept! Which is funny since I have clearly been remembering it in a more humanisctic centered way! Clearly my brain/soul just will NOT accept the language of monotheism in any form 🙂 

Clearly that is something that is quite AUTHENTIC to me! I don’t believe in God. I DO believe in spirits and guides but most importantly I KNOW to my CORE that I believe in Free Will, and in ME. My faith lies within myself and the people I know and trust and also in those spirit guides. My faith lies within the greater universe and *whatever* is out there.

So there’s What I Know For Sure about Me: (notice I took it to 7 – the last two don’t need their own posts, they speak for themselves)

My mind and hard are open, I speak with loving words.

I am honest and direct in all that I do.

I am a loyal and supportive friend.

I am an open book so that my experiences and lessons can serve to help others.

I have faith in the universe, in me, in spirits and in my “village”.

I believe that laughter is the BEST medicine. (I am *such* an easy laugh! Especially at myself)

I believe that dancing is the best expression of joy and freedom. (That’s how it makes me feel at any rate.)

And now like a curious cat, I am going to look up colors because apparently that’s a message my soul is sending me when I meditate.


One comment

  1. Robin · March 7, 2015

    I never thought to look up colors. I see them, too, when I meditate. Looking them up is a great idea!

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