March 5th GGID Journal

Dear me,

Today I worked on honing a new skill – flexibility. Since my deeper nature is to be so direct and to think in a very linear fashion, my default mode is routine. Please, let me set my schedule and then just follow it!

But, of course, that makes for a very stressful and unhappy existence if you constantly need to stay in your lane and not deviate. Because life does not cooperate with anyone for very long!

Of course having kids was the first big push towards learning to roll with the tide, but it was really Marcus who has challenged me to be more flexible in my thinking. And that’s good. Today for instance, since I had a doctors appointment in the morning there was a change in my routine. I took advantage of not having to be anywhere until 9am and ran an errand that would otherwise have had to happen after work or on the weekend. When Marcus called to say he couldn’t get away from work to run tonight, I decided to go pedal in the gym instead. Was supposed to do that last night and ditched it for a webinar and to get started on the new client’s books.

I was feeling mildly off track though since I didn’t exercise yesterday. I also felt quite challenged as far as focus went today. Found myself not only easily distracted, but rather happily so! Communications with people went great, but man was I just NOT into work today! So I kind of challenged myself to get on the bike and to listen to one HayHouse show all the way through.That did the trick. The pedaling got my heart rate up and my legs thumping and the podcast was with two hosts having so much fun that I couldn’t help but be drawn in and smiling at that. One gal used Taro cars and the guy did color readings. The three folks who called in during the show were really interesting too – great stories to tell and the readings sparked some truly funny conversations. Ah, I needed that! 50 mins of just listening while I pedaled. Perfect!

So I am grateful that I was able to adjust on the fly tonight and that I pulled myself back into taking care of myself in a way I needed by working out and focusing on something fulfilling.

I am grateful too that I have learned how to make these sort of “off” days into something positive rather than letting them weigh me down or become irritable.

But…I know I need to spend some quality time with a quieter, less tired, mind to see if there is anything else I need to discover about myself. It could just be that OCD part of my brain asking for this, but since the author of Writing Your Soul identified five traits…and because I ALWAYS want my lists to be odd numbered (why I wonder?)….I know I have something else to explore.

Until tomorrow oh tired voice!

My heart and mind are open, I speak with loving words

I am honest and direct in all that I do

I am a loyal and supportive friend

I am an open book so that my experiences and lessons can serve to help others.


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