March 4th GGID Journal

Dear me,

Typing with one hand while I eat my Popsicle ’cause I’m beyond tired already but don’t want to give up either my dessert treat or journal writing!

New client got me access to his books so of course I dived right in tonight to get a feel for things. That morphed into starting to post transactions and I basically had to set a timer so I would stop at 8:30 to slow down for bedtime.

It was so cool to be doing that though! I know – I’m weird…but hey – at least I’m doing something I love AND getting paid for it!

Today was an odd “not feeling my soul” day. I felt much more connected to my left brain which ended up good since I caught my lenders office trying to charge my card for the appraisal too early and had to get that pulled back – phew!

However, before that brain shift, during my morning meditation I did zero in on another quality of mine that is pretty much in the What I Know For Sure category. Although I CAN see where it is also related to my other qualities.

I am an open book.

See? That’s very much along the lines of being honest and direct. But there is a difference between Telling it Like It Is and being willing to do so on every possible topic in my life. I mean, I could still choose to just be silent and secretive.

But – and I think this sort of relates to being a good friend –  I will absolutely share my mistakes, stumbles, failures, and successes because WHY let other’s fall into the same foibles if I can redirect them and save them some pain?

Just the fact that I am not writing a truly private journal displays this instinct. The Writing Your Soul book comes rather on and on about how you should choose paper and pen to write long form and then be sure to keep the papers secure so that NO ONE EVER SEES THEM and then even to regularly burn them to be SURE.

Now, there are many times when I think that writing out your grievances/anger/frustration/agony and then burning them in the Trash Can O’Fire can be cathartic and necessary.

All I know is that when I sat down to write, it HAD to be at a keyboard, and that when I started I wanted accountability to keep me at it so I purposely chose this site I had stuck off in a corner of the internet. I shared it with the GGID group and specifically tasked my partner there to check up on me. Knowing that someone else would be looking for a post was THE BEST way to get me into forming this new habit. What I didn’t realize was that I had some time ago turned on the auto share to twitter function in here. Not that it means there would be a flood of readers. On the contrary, I figured it would be just a handful of closer friends who would care. I mean – the titles on these posts aren’t exactly click bait!!

Still, I’ve received some really nice feedback and so no, I wont be making my Dear Me journal private.

I *may* (and I’ve already done it once) make a single POST private only because the contents might hurt or impact someone else in my life should it get out. VERY RARE I an sure. But I won’t be hiding anything that comes from my inner voice due to any humiliation or sense of privacy that I might personally feel. Apparently that doesn’t exist! And really, again, if it did, my desire to help other people find their way or avoid unnecessary pitfalls would override everything else.

My heart and mind are open, I speak with loving words.

I am honest and direct in all that I do.

I am a loyal and supportive friend.

I am an open book so that my experiences and lessons can serve to help others.


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