March 3 – GGID journal

Dear me,

I know – I missed a day. It was accidentally on purpose I think. Nothing unusual yesterday or last night – just found myself in bed watching TV at 8:30 and realized I hadn’t written and when I asked myself if I needed to head back down to document anything, my inner voice said “Nah, all good. It’s a rest day.”

🙂 I supposed it is proper that I should count journal writing in my rest periods. Anyhoo – one bit of gratitude I do want to document though – I am grateful for a new bookkeeping client! This one should have enough monthly activity to provide a little chunk each month. He’s a tiny bit frustrating since he is quite slow to respond to stuff but HOPEFULLY he will have me setup to access his online accounts sometime this week and I can get started.

Abundance flows freely through me, and I handle it with gratitude, respect and love.

And now – on to an entirely different path for the moment.

Resonating thoughts from HayHouse radio shows today and yesterday (I listen while I work):

  • Right here, right now, I have enough. I am enough. Don’t focus on LACKING funds, focus on HAVING just enough for what is needed RIGHT NOW.
  • Switch up feelings of negative energy to positive. Gratitude is a great default. Even expressing gratitude for the challenge in front of you and the skills you will develop and lessons learned.
  • De-clutter your bedroom – clutter…old memories…etc can block new energy and opportunities. Sort through photos and toss out duplicates and any out of focus or with people looking unhappy. You don’t need all those old magazines and housing catalogs!
  • De-clutter your electronic files too – same thing – clearing out contacts felt GREAT! Clear out old files & folders. Delete superfluous photos.
  • When you do successfully tap into your soul through meditation or journal writing – don’t dismiss it – LISTEN to it! Act upon the messages you receive and the answers provided.

That clutter topic was fascinating. It came right after a show when the host was telling a caller that they should remove an old photo they were keeping up of themselves as a child with their father. The father wasn’t abusive, but he was deeply authoritarian and the caller was still carrying around a lot of insecurity and resistance from childhood (no confidence in his ability to make changes or decisions). The advice given in general was that we shouldn’t keep out photos of photos of anyone or anything that doesn’t make us smile. Don’t let a sense of obligation keep dragging you back to negative energy. I didn’t have anything to apply it to specifically myself, but I thought it was a really profound concept to remember.

Meanwhile I certainly do need to keep tackling my bedroom. It is the only area in my house where I’ve allowed that kind of accumulation.

I will get back to discovering my true self tomorrow – those topics inspired me more today.

My gratitude for today is again for my truly wonderful & supportive boyfriend. 2 hours of fantastic conversation tonight. He challenged me to help him tap into his deeper self and figure out why he is so resistant doing things for the sake of doing them. He procrastinates on even the simplest tasks until the last minute. So while I am asking my inner voice to help me identify my true self, I am going to pose his query out there to the Greater Universe. Perhaps a well timed HayHouse show on a topic that might address this? I’ll be listening!

My heart and mind are open, I speak with loving words.

I am honest and direct in all that I do.

I am a loyal and supportive friend.


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