March 1 – GGID Journal

Dear me,

A new month – let’s keep talking shall we?

Here’s what we have so far:

My heart and mind are open.

I am honest and direct.

To that I will now add: I am a loyal and supportive friend.

I Know I’ve explored some of my insecurities when it comes to making and keeping friends and my history of what *I* think were the barriers I put up to it. But this I do know for sure:

Once I have embedded you into my heart AS a true friend, you will find NO ONE who is more supportive or loyal. I jokingly called my first Fantasy Football team “Cheerleaders – NOT!” Hey, it was the 90’s and adding NOT! to things was, well.. a thing! It was our way of saying “look, we are a team of girls, so we must be cheerleaders, right? NOT!” because we were actually quite good at managing a fantasy team since I did know a thing or two about football.

But, I digress.

That irony aside, I really am a most excellent cheerleader. And since we’ve already established my honesty it can be also be ascertained that my cheerleading is 100% sincere.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to see my friends and family reach their goals. My goodness how I loved cheering loudly for my boys in whatever they did. That first moment of pure elation that I had, when I knew I could do this supportive thing and thrive on it was when I first let go of the two wheel bike as my oldest son rode away during a practice session. Seeing him take off…it felt like *I* had grown wings and was flying alongside him. Similarly when he scored his first goal in soccer, or when I saw him sing during a church performance. Man….CHILLS! And sure, that’s my kid (my goodness how I had even more of those moments with my mini-me athlete youngest son!)….but I honestly feel that same thrill and warming of my heart when my friends soar too.

Sure, I race, but I swear I have more fun watching them race than I do running in them. Yeah, it was awesome to run my first half and do it in a time way faster than I thought I could, but it was MORE fun for me to run it again with someone else and keep HER moving to the finish line no matter how fast or slow we went. Being supportive is WAY MORE fun to me than doing my own thing.

That’s not to say that I don’t have my own goals and wont try to reach them…but  if there is any way I can contribute to someone else getting to theirs? Well, I am there! I’ll buy your book, go to your spa party, promote your website, tell my friends about your yogurt shop – whatever you need.

I was in tears watching my friend cross the finish line last year at the Boston Marathon – and I was watching at work through a live internet feed! Geebus I’m getting chills now reliving that memory!

My wish for everyone is to find their path, their purpose and live it to its fullest. Find joy, love and connection with others.  If you need help, advice, or just someone to listen as you work out how to get there – I am here. And no matter what kind of day I might be having, if you tell me something amazing happened to YOU that day…then I will count that day as an amazing one for me too.

So I might have to work through a few of my own awkward insecurities to get to the point of counting someone as a friend (though those are less and less moving forward)…but once we have that connection? Well, I am confident that you’ve hit the jackpot!

It’s one of those rare compliments that I can look in the mirror and give to myself without resistance.

“Thank you for being my friend.”


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