GGID Day 23

Dear me,

I’ll just start of expressing gratitude for another step in the abundance progress – loan disclosure docs are signed AND someone contacted me about a bookkeeping referral.

Abundance flows freely through me.

Now, on to the next question from the group: “Am I accommodating, pushy, or stubborn?”

This one is interesting isn’t it? On it’s face, it didn’t particularly strike me one way or the other. I think because, in my mind, the opposite of accommodating isn’t ‘pushy’ or ‘stubborn’. I was more thinking “resistant”. I suppose that can be interpreted as stubborn – a tendency to stand your ground. I think I am looking at in a scenario such as: Person A asking me to do something for them either as a favor or perhaps even at work but something out of my normal realm of duties. Do I happily figure out a way to help or do I push back because it is asking me to go too far out of my way?

I will say that this is another one that I recognized as an area of improvement some years ago. At work I would definitely not regularly display the best customer service type attitude to co-workers 😦  Let’s just blame it on my general overall cranky & impatient demeanor. I just didn’t much like people all the time! But…that was also something I’ve successfully changed. In fact, now I take great pride in providing either exact answers for people, or at least pointing them in the direction for them to find their answer. Outside of work, I think I was always more relaxed – I certainly volunteered a ton! And in my never-ending quest to make & keep friends, I probably was MORE accommodating than I should have been. I’ve just been a big old ball of confusion on this question!

Now, if *I* need something? Oh yes, I can be pushy! But I am also very mindful of WHO I ask and WHAT I ask for. But if I need something, and I know I do need help, I will find it!

I have never been a doormat and I think just about everyone who has known me over the decades would state that consistently.

So, I think the answer to that question either viewing it from an outsider or how I deal with my own needs is – yes to all three! But, I think I have developed a healthy balance now between when to be accommodating, when to be pushy and when to be stubborn because I honestly think there are proper applications of all three of those examples.

I am grateful for my voice and my confidence in how I use it.

My heart and mind are open, I speak with loving words.


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